4 Great Tips on Selecting The Right Shoes

Ever been to a party, looking all glammed up and then someone walks up to you and whispers, “You know, your outfit is great, but don‘t you think your shoes are a bit off?”


Words like that can hurt deeply, sticking like glue in your mind even after the party is done and the light turned off. Surely, that must have left you with an ounce of disappointment. Honestly, if I was in your shoes – sorry, did I just mention shoes again? – I would feel awful myself. I mean, was it not the delectable Marilyn Monroe who once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”?

(Okay guys, you don’t need to scowl; I am on your side too on this one. LOL!). Sometimes, there is that temptation to think that shoes are insignificant to your overall look. But really, they contribute to your total sum of fashion sense. So here’s the drill. When next someone says, “You look good from head to toe,” pause, smile, and swallow it nicely and know that your shoes are also involved in the fashion equation.

In this piece, I will like to share with you some hints on what you should consider when selecting shoes for your wears or outings. If you have an outing coming soon or you are thinking of stocking your shoes rack, then pull out your chair, take a seat, grab some popcorn if you will, and let’s gist.

1. Consider Occasion

Every occasion has a perfect style of shoes that befits it.

Of course, you would not like to wear a pair of loafers for a job interview when it is not football or sport-related. Nor would you spot a policewoman struggling to gain balance on a five inches heel while on duty. Official color shoes such as navy blue, black, gray, and maroon are perfect for official and professional meetings, while sandals are the  most-preferred for casual outfits. Simple, when trying to make a choice of shoes, consider the occasion.

2. Consider The Season

Rainy seasons are very sensitive periods when it comes to selecting the type of shoes to wear.

Don’t get your costly designer shoes damaged by rainwater or flood just because you want to look good in the rain. The truth is that not everyone pays attention to wears and looks during this time because rain can do to your shoes what it does to faces coated with heavy make-ups (disclaimer – you didn’t read it on this blog!…Smiles) In addition, the weather may not allow your shoe to get dry on time, and that’s another way to lose your beautiful shoes. Also, shoes with moderate or low little heels are okay for the rainy season to help you garner balance on slippery roads. Some flat shoes can put you to the ground immediately you slip but heels would give you stamina when they pierce into the wet and slippery spots (you must definitely be wearing a heel protector).

3. Consider Your Dressing

Generally, your dressing should determine the kind of shoes you choose. Sports, casual, and corporate outfits all have the kind shoes that best fit with them. Although the evolution of fashion has edited some of these rigid fashion rules such that one can now wear loafers on a suit without a tie or a gown, as we see these days. But when you do that, you better get it right!

4. Consider Place

Shoes are meant to protect your legs first before they match your outfits. A complete cover shoe works perfectly in a place liable to hazard. This is why some companies provide safety boots for their workers for protection.  Rubber or plastic shoes are best for household use where electricity is involved as they do not conduct electricity.  Covered shoes are also advisable for formal outdoor activities that require you to stay in the sun for a long time, to avoid sun burn or feet discolouration. Flat or low heeled shoes are extremely advisable for rough roads or pathways to avoid tripping.

Today, before I put on my shoes and hit the street, I pause to think. This has helped me to be more cautious and intentional about how I protect myself. Therefore, I will like to encourage you to also put in the extra effort in applying your shoes appropriately.

Let me sign off with the words of Oprah Winfrey – “I still have my feet on the ground, and I just wear better shoes.”