5 Reasons Why Leather Shoes Are Preferable

Have you noticed that it is impossible to love two things equally? Yes, it is! Even parents don’t love their children equally.

(Please, I don’t have the power for Presidential Debate – Winks!)

Okay, let’s just assume that there is a possibility of loving two things equally, but still, there will be a preference of one over another. You may have two red dresses but there is a preferred one. Maybe because it’s best for a casual outing while the other for corporate occasions. Either way, there must still always be an object of preference. This also applies to shoes. In a later post, I will share with you the different materials used in making shoes. But today, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why leather shoes are preferable by most people.

K.Aspen Jelani
  1. Easy to clean:

When it is leather shoes, you don’t have to worry about washing and waiting for them to get dried. Leather shoes save you from such stress. Just a gentle Clean off of dust or a little brush/polish is enough to get your feet smiling in them. You will agree with me that you don’t have to polish a leather shoe every day to get it gleaming.




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2. Durable:

Leather shoes can live with you for a very long time. Some leather shoes have outlived their original owners – no pun intended. People have even joked that the Israelites wore leather shoes throughout their journey to the Promise Land from Egypt.

Leather shoes are durable because of their ability to breathe and gradually adapt to any change in weather and size. They are not stretched like other type of shoes; rather, they grow with our feet.


3. Comfortable:

Leather shoes are made of animals’ skin and are believed to provide that natural feeling when we put them on. With leather shoes, you can feel relax and worry less about fear of any pinch of pain, except you’re stuck in someone else’s own, which is not your size. Wearing a leather shoe and a rubber shoe under a hot weather can also tell a difference. Try it!

4. Flexibility:

You can always stretch or whirl your feet in leather shoes while others may not allow such exercise because of their firm structure—you know those make of shoes that are molded. Many non-leather shoes are very rigid and tough on feet.

Here’s a little practical that can prove this: bend your leather shoe and watch it return to its original shape but others may either break or get deformed.

5. Outstanding:

You must have heard that real men wear leather.

Well-polished leather shoes are dazzling—their shine claps back to anyone who dares look down on you. It feels good to walk on them too. Besides, the classy look it gives you can help to boost your dress sense and confidence.



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Now that you know why people prefer leather shoes you may have a different view on this or want to let us know why you love leather shoes too.

Feel free to drop your view in the comment box and let’s keep the thread of discussion going.