How To Style Your K.Aspen Pieces.

We all go through that phase of being confused on how to match our outfits with our footwear. You ask yourself or others – can I wear this black sandal on a grey outfit? Does this pink dress fit my brown heels? And the questions go on and on.

We’re here to help, again. Today we’ll be showing you how to pair 3 K.Aspen pieces.

Our first piece is the Sunny Heat.

It can be worn for official and semi-official purposes. Paired with a simple black purse/bag, jewelry and topped with shades, putting the whole look together.

Sunny Heat

The next piece is called Saheed in Midnight Blue.

It can also be wore on a simple semi-official outfit for casual meetings and outings. We pair it with a simple black jean and a colorful blue shirt, topping the look with dark shades.

Saheed in Midnight Blue

Next, we have the Saheed II. For the 21st century man, this works for weekend dates and semi-formal meetings with friends and family. Saheed can be paired with blue jeans and a normal shirt, and like we always do – put on some shades!

Saheed II

Which of these pieces do you own and which of these combinations are you pulling off this weekend? We’re expecting your tags!

Have a fabulous weekend,