Our Brand

K.Aspen’s journey began when founder Kemi Juba, realized Nigerians and African’s at home or abroad are limited to the choices of footwear and leather goods that deeply represent who they are. She also noticed just a few Nigerian brands designed and (made) well-crafted footwear in Nigeria. This lack of distinct options makes it difficult for indigenes and African enthusiasts to deeply connect and appreciate the beauty of home and native craftsmanship. 

This led to the birth of the brand and continued with the conception of the brand’s name, “K.Aspen”, a fusion of the founder’s name along with her affinity and love for nature; “K” being the founder’s initials and “Aspen” being a popular tree found worldwide.

The Aspen tree’s global presence is symbolic and serves as a reminder of our aspirations. It is also known for having strong roots and vibrant colours across seasons, a reminder of our desire to constantly reflect our heritage in our values and products.

The Heritage

Our brand reflects Pan African vibrancy, inspired by various colour palettes, bold textures along with earthy and vivid tones; all of which are incorporated into our products designed as inspirational heritage pieces to reflect a dignified and contemporary Africa.