K.Aspen is one of Nigeria’s leading footwear brands known for its high quality and affordable leather footwear. The continuous search for inspiration is reflected in K.Aspen’s products, resulting in constant change all season. The brand’s creativity stems from the infusion of remarkable modern designs and passionate artisans, for the discerning man and woman who appreciates art, quality and craftsmanship. When it comes to footwear, the K.Aspen brand goes the extra mile: constantly improving and researching, resulting in constant change all season. Client’s feedback form good customer service from one of the bases for improving the brand’s products.

The company’s vision is to change the narrative of African fashion start-ups, through the brand’s innovative products, company culture, core values and most importantly, employee growth.

Our footwear reflects the vibrance of the African culture, through various colour palettes inspiration, with the combination of earthy, vivid and bold textures. We incorporate as much as we can into our products to reflect dignified contemporary Africa.


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