Be happy!

Life is full of ups and downs and if we don’t pay attention to what affects our moods and attitudes to life, we might end up always being cranky and upset.

From schooling to working and even owning your own business, it is somewhat hard to maintain high level of happiness and positivity, but we have to try.

An obvious fact is that we can never be consistently happy because life isn’t a bed of roses, however, there are ways to maintain an above average level of constant positive energy. And because we care so much about you, we’ll be giving a few tips to achieve that energy.

So here are 10 tips on keeping yourself happy, most of the time.

First. Define what happiness looks and feels like to you; we all want to be happy but what does it actually mean to be happy.

What does your form of happiness look like? What does it feel like? Can you tell when you’re happy? Answering these questions might assist in attaining utmost level of positive energy.

Second. Make the present your friend; one of the greatest reasons for many individuals’ unhappiness is the inability to live in the present. The inability to allow things move at their pace, the rush to get to the finish line without enjoying the journey.

It causes nothing but anxiety and paranoia; try to live in the present, enjoy the ups and downs, go through the journey with a open heart and learn along the way.

Third. Stop overthinking; this follows from the second point. Don’t over-process everything that happens to you; A doesn’t imply Z, most times A implies B.

Don’t allow little situations cause you health issues because of all the anxiousness.

Four. Let go of specific outcomes; this has to do with expectations. When we do something, we expect a certain form of result but life sometimes has different plans and things don’t work out the way we really want.

So let go of expectations and allow things happen the way they should; however, don’t become inconsistent or indifferent because you want things to play out on their own. Know when to put in the extra and when to refrain.

Five. Focus on a positive outcome; inasmuch as we don’t want to have expectations, we need to remain positive at all times. Negative doesn’t attract positive; so if you want positive results, think, act and say only positive.

We would end on the 5th tip, the other five would come up next week, so be expectant.

Finally for today, a quote by Abraham Lincoln says:

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

Have a week filled with happiness.