It is not a secret that finding the perfect shoes that fits your style, your fashion choices and your feet properly gives you a great feeling.

There’s also the possibility of loving shoes that are not comfortable, this means that they fit your style and fashion choices but don’t make your feet feel good. And that’s where the problem arises.

One thing to always keep at the back of our minds is ‘do not sacrifice comfort for style‘, it actually isn’t worth it. Why?

What makes a comfortable shoes? Why is it important to wear comfortable shoes? How do you make sure you always get comfortable shoes? What do you have to look out for? We’re going to answer these questions today.

So to the first question, what makes a comfortable shoe?

Understanding what makes up a comfortable shoe can save you from hours of pain. It has to do with the basic features of a pair of shoes, it could be heels, sneakers, flats, etc.

It all balls down to 3 basic factors in shoes design; the padding, the sole, and the fit. Considering these 3 points would definitely help in deciding what shoes are comfortable for you. We would go into details when answering the last question.

The second question, why is it important to wear comfortable shoes? This is almost a rhetorical question but the truth is, a lot of people do not understand the benefits of wearing comfortable shoes, so let’s list a few.

  • They prevent foot pain
  • They improve posture
  • No long term damage
  • They improve circulation
  • They allow you to be more active
  • Helps in maintaining good foot health
  • Save you unnecessary embarrassment
  • Makes walking easier
  • Ensures effective movement
  • Prevent possible occurrences of blisters
  • Prevent calluses and bunions
  • Etc.,

The next questions are the same, how do you make sure you always get comfortable shoes? What should you look out for in shoes?

Before you can make a conscious effort to get comfortable shoes, you need to know what you’re looking out for. And this take us back to the 3 factors/points in shoe design.

Here are a few things to look for to help you determine what a comfortable pair of shoe is:

The padding: padded lining inside; this involves the material inside the shoes itself. You want a shoe that offers enough padding to prevent your feet from aching. Because hard surface hurt our feet, we pad them.

If you’re searching for men’s shoes or women’s flat shoes then padding should be around the ankle, the side of the foot and the top of the foot. If you’re looking for heels then the padding should be around the toes and the heel.

The foam insole: this provides a padded surface for your feet throughout the day. Memory foam insole is the best option, it will mold to the shape of your foot and provide maximum comfort for your feet.

Flat based: flat shoes as opposed to heels provide more comfort. They allow your feet to roll heel to toe when you walk, evenly distributing your weight across your feet.

Firm sole: the firmer the sole, the more stable it will be underfoot. A flexible sole will often be very thin and doesn’t pay the bottom of the foot.

Room inside the shoe: this goes back to finding the right size of shoes. When you try the shoe on, make sure there is enough room to wiggle your toes, a bit. If you can’t move your toes at all, then the shoes are too tight and will eventually cause you pain.

However, it is important to note that everyone’s foot is unique, hence it is better to find what suits you.

Good luck in your search for the perfect shoes.