Colors and K.Aspen | 1.

What do colors mean to you?

Are they mere visual perceptions that enable us to differentiate identical objects?

According to Wikipedia, colors are properties of light as seen by people. A specific combination of hue, saturation, and lightness or brightness.

We can go on and on which technical definitions of colors but we wouldn’t get to the point.

So, on a lighter note, colors are great ways of expressing one’s emotions or innermost thoughts.

They, in a way, make us understand why certain things are the way they are.

Colors serve as symbols, signs and representation of ideas and nouns.

At K.Aspen, colors matter a lot to us and we are never afraid to mix them up when creating our masterpieces.

So we’re going to talk about one of them: The Nude Heat pair.

It is a pair of block heels, with a mix of the colors Red and Nude with a Gold square signature logo. This pair here is a clear representation of how passionate we are in playing with colours to make you feel and look beautiful.

The color Red represents love, passion, strength, courage and vigor, determination; while the color Nude presents a serene front.

What do colors mean to you?