We all know that women have a love-hate relationship with heels, and to look your best in them means you need to find the right fit and of course be comfortable.

Learning to find the perfect heels can be really tasking and exhausting, taking up time and concentration. For females, heels are some of the best kind of shoes you can own because of all the benefits they provide to your posture and appearance; they just have to be the perfect fit.

Heels add an edge to your outfit and give your form a better look. They show forth a form of confidence, from the way you take your steps to your posture.

The Lady Noire is one of the newest additions to the K.Aspen Lady Collection. The design process for ‘The Lady’ collection took a different path, and was focused on portraying the true attributes of a boss lady.

Lady Noire is detailed with the use of a black silk mesh, a black leather lining sub-leveled by a cushion sole, and a black elastic band with the name Noire elegantly printed in silver, and finished with a comfortable leather sole.

Wearing the right shoes can instill a great amount of confidence in anyone; so always make the right choices.

Have a great week.