There are so many facts about shoes which are beyond the ordinary and when we come across them they make us laugh or sigh. When we go through the Internet, we come across what they were made for initially, what group of persons wore what shoe, amongst other fascinating things.

Here are some fascinating facts about shoes:

Men in Heels. Shoes with heels were initially designed for men. The heel signified wealth and aristocracy. They also helped men stay on the stirrups of a horse when riding.

A Queen’s boots. The first boots were designed and made for none other than Queen Victoria in 1840.

The shoes in our dreams. Shoes represent the way you approach your life. If you wear shoes in your dream, it suggests that you are well grounded and down to earth. Changing your shoes means changing roles, beliefs, or the way you view things. When we dream of forgetting our shoes: it represents leaving our inhibitions behind. Likewise, old and worn shoes represent hard work.

Do numbers matter? As the first lady of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986, Imelda Marcos enjoyed many perks. When the family fled the island, the Malacañan Palace was found to have 15 mink coats, 508 gowns, 1,000 handbags, and a mere 1056 pairs of shoes. A huge contrast of luxury to the poverty stricken country.

We love our shoes and scotch. The limited edition Oliver Sweeney’s brogues have a compartment in the sole that is designed to hold a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch whiskey. There’s even a clear panel that reveals the secret liquor spot to your friends when you wish to show someone your soles and offer them a drink.

No steel? Famous designer Salvatore Ferragamo was impacted by the shortage of steel in the 1940s. He came up with the idea to use different materials and design; thus the invention of a summer favorite, the wedge.

Shoe house. The world’s largest shoes measure 17 feet long and 8 feet wide. The shoes can each fit 30 people inside. The pair is on display at the Marikina Shoe Museum in the Philippines.

Classy shoes or class shoes. In Ancient Egypt, slaves had no shoes or wore sandals made of palm leaves. The Commoner wore sandals made from papyrus. Those in higher status were allowed to wear pointed sandals. The colors red and yellow were reserved for the highest society only. It would be easy to see which status of society one belonged to by simply looking at the footwear they wore.

Two left feet. It wasn’t until 1818, that the right shoe was invented. Until that time, there was no distinction between shoes made for left or right feet. The first pair of right and left footed shoes were made in Philadelphia. Obviously, shoes weren’t made for comfort up to this point.

What other fascinating things have you heard about shoes? Share with us. More facts next week.

Enjoy your day.