Today is a special day for many Nigerians, if not all. We know that many things might not be exactly the way we would want, but we can surely get there.

On this particular day and month in 1960, the nation, acclaimed to be the ‘giant of Africa,’ got her independence from the British Colony. On this historic day, the British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by the nation’s Green-white-green flag.

From the President’s speech, he admonished us to rededicate ourselves to attaining the goals which we have set for ourselves: a united, prosperous and purposeful nation in the face of 21st century opportunities and challenges.

While stating that the change we all clamor for can only be delivered if we are united in purpose, as individuals and as a nation. Also that, we must all remain committed to achieving this positive and enduring Change.

He later explained, that for there to be genuine change, we need to be law-abiding citizens. We need to do away with the lawless habits and bad attitude shown towards public officials and offices.

Finally, from K.Aspen, we wish you an awesome Independence Day celebration.

Happy 59th Birthday to our motherland. We do hope that things get better, faster.