If we say something or someone is a time waster, we mean that they cause you to spend a ridiculous amount of time involving yourself in unnecessary and unproductive activities.

Most times, we are our own time wasters; we do this by involving ourselves in frivolous activities and then by the end of the day, we have no results to show for our ‘Work’.

Apart from frivolous activities, there are some other types of time-waster we should all strive to avoid in order for us to attain utmost productivity and fulfillment.

Some of them are:

Making excuses. When it comes to being productive, it is easy for us to make excuses for ourselves, especially when we’re not being useful to our end goal in anyway.

This also happens when some people make mistakes, they find it hard to get back on their feet; so they start cooking up mental lies which encourages them to remain on their backs.

Procrastination. It is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. I would assume to an extent that we’re all guilty of this crime, we often times think we have time to do things but end up having to rush and this jeopardizes our end results.

Trying to be perfect. It is a personality trait that is characterized by a person striving for flawlessness and setting high standards, which makes the people to be somewhat unnecessarily critical about everything.

A lot of people have argued that perfection is an illusion which can not be attained and when it comes to growing oneself, it can actually be more of an hindrance than something which allows for authenticity.

Worrying about opinions. When it comes to growing, in any way, being bothered about what other individuals think about you (excessively) is not the right way to go.

Yes, you can have advisors, people who give you useful feedback and those you trust; but, not everyone should be able to say something that would affect you.

This is being psychological strong enough to understand that, not everyone’s opinion actually matters.

Having no priorities. This is probably the greatest time-waster, it makes you assume that you’re being productive and this gives you false hope that you’re getting closer to achieving your end goal.

But when you do not have specifics which you’re trying to reach at certain points in your plan, everything might fall on futile grounds making all efforts to be wasted.

Finally, avoid frivolous activities because they only stand as hindrances to attaining one’s goals. Procrastination is one of the greatest killers of dreams, flee from it.

Trying to be perfect is capable of moving you closer to mediocrity faster than towards authenticity.

Be selective of the words you allow into your head, because not all people matter and opinions should be given second thought. Know your end goal and work towards it.

The sky is the starting point.

Have a productive week,