Like every other part of our bodies and our other belongings, we need to learn how to care for our feet and shoes.

So whether you are wearing flats, sneakers, slippers, or sandals, here are some inexpensive tips to keep your shoes smelling nice at all times.

The first and most basic tip is keep your feet clean.

Wash your legs properly, in between your toes and then your heel, all with soap. The bacteria on our feet keep growing, hence we need to always keep our feet clean.

Next, try not to wear the same shoes twice in a row.

This is somewhat impossible for the working class individual who has just one pair stipulated for work. But if and when you can, try wearing your shoes in a rotating manner.

The third tip is apply foot powder.

For some individuals, keeping their feet dry can be really tedious. To resolve this challenge, get feet powder and apply as instructed. Baby powder can be used in replacement.

Our next tip, air your shoes frequently.

Your feet need airing up, but so do your shoes. When it’s nice and sunny outside, don’t hesitate to let your shoes play outside, without you. Give your shoes some time to meditate and relax.

Deodorize with baking soda.

In a case where your shoes are already producing an awful smell, sprinkle a bit of baking soda into your shoes every night when you take them off. Before you put your shoes on in the morning, take the shoes outside and clap the soles together to get rid of excess powder.

Wear socks when possible.

Breathable cotton socks help absorb some of the moisture from your feet, keeping your shoes a bit cleaner. There are socks for various types of shoes, so purchase the suitable pair.

Finally, as earlier stated, wash your feet properly. Because without caring for them, it’s almost impossible to keep your shoes from stinking.

Have a great day,