No matter how organized you are, your shoe collection can get really messy sometimes. You might have sneakers but can they be worn to official events? How do you pick shoes for casual events, outdoor activities, etc.?

We acquire lots of shoes, especially the female folk and keeping them arranged and organized can be a task that takes up our time and energy. The more we have, the harder it is to maintain orderliness.

Keeping your shoes organized can then become a skill to maintaining sanity in your home; but here are a few steps to keeping them organized at all times.

1. Use the right storage methods.

Keeping your shoes in wrong ways can make them appear disorganized, even when they’re not. So choose the storage method that works for you and stick to it.

Some storages method include, using clear shoe boxes, using shoe baskets, make use of the top of your closet, or even use over-the-door hangers for light shoes.

2. Keep them off the floor.

The initial response to storing shoes is keeping them on the floor, usually piled up on each other and scattered around. If you must keep them on the floor, line them up and let them be accessible.

3. Let them be visible.

To make use of something, it has to be visible. From lining them up, every one of them can be seen, hence, can be used and not left to waste away.

4. Sort them in categories.

Separate the frequently used from the rarely used; the frequently used can be divided into sections too. Those for work, semi-formal outfits, causal activities and the most random things like indoor slippers. This helps in avoiding maneuvering through your shoes when looking for your choice for the day.

Finally, we believe in taking care of your footwear and this is our most important remains of all – because you spent money on them and must make the most of your money.

Enjoy your day,