How To Style Your K.Aspen Pieces.

Have you ever wondered how to style your K.Aspen pieces? Have you been confused on what to wear the with?

The confusion is over, because we’re here to help you sort it out. Friday by Friday!

Our first piece is the Nude Heat pair.

It can be worn for official and semi-official purposes, paired with a black purse/bag, then simple jewelry and topped with shades to give the final look.

Nude Heat

The next piece is the Sunny Heat pair.

It can also be wore on a simple semi-official outfit for date nights and casual meetings. Paired with a bag matching one of the colors of the shoe, and going a bit more dramatic with the jewelry.

Sunny Heat

We have the K.Aspen men pieces – Two Toned pair, Jordan pair and the Bantu pair. They could be worn with traditional attires of any color – Brown, Black, White and all the Blues. For casual and semi-formal outings like parties, gatherings, etc.

Bantu pair

They could be wore with and without the traditional caps (Fila, in Yoruba) and finally topping up the looks with shades that put the looks together.

Two Toned pair

Which of our pieces do you own and which of these combinations are you pulling off this weekend?

Have a fabulous weekend,


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