Introducing…The Lady Collection.

A lady in modern times can be referred to as a refined, well-spoken and polite woman who is gracious and embraces her femininity in everything she does.

She is always at the top of her game, even when things aren’t going as planned. The times she feels low, she understands that it is a phase and her innate feminine power is unaffected.

The design process for ‘The Lady’ collection was different, we were inspired by the attributes of a true boss lady. This refined piece was created to transcend seasons, location and occasion.

From the selection of the calf leather, to the architectural structure of the form and silhouette down to the detailed alignment of each stitch.

This exclusive pair is for the powerful, confident and resilient females who care to stand out wherever and in whatever situation they may find themselves.

The first piece of The Lady collection is the ‘Lady Noire’, Noire meaning black in French represents class and sophistication.

Lady Noire is detailed with the use of a black silk mesh, a black leather lining sub-leveled by a cushion sole, and a black elastic band with the name Noire elegantly printed in silver, and finished with a comfortable leather sole.

This is one K.Aspen pair every woman should strive to own.

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