The most anticipated year is fast approaching and that is the year 2020. The year a lot of individuals have been looking forward to, for diverse reasons.

You can make a long list of things you want to achieve in the new year, the habits you want to drop and those you want to propagate.

It’s easy to make the list but we all know it is not easy to stick to them, and I mean sticking to them throughout the year 2020.

So how do we resolve this, and actually act on our plans for the new year. We’ll give a few steps.

1. Do one thing at a time. You can have an extremely long list of what you want to achieve but if you can’t actually get yourself to commit to one thing, it’ll all be useless. So do things one at a time, we know you can multitask but it doesn’t work out all the time.

2. Plan ahead. To ensure success you need to do research on the change you’re trying to achieve and the plans you need to make to effectively achieve this goals. You need to read and plan for success.

3. Anticipate problems. Life is not a bed of roses, and no realistic person would plan without giving room for bumps. Prepare for the bumps so you’re not caught off guard when they show up.

4. Pick a start date. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 1/1/2020 or 13/5/2020, once you have identified all the things you’ll love to achieve you need to start at a point. So that’s what I mean by picking a start date.

5. Go for it. You’ll only regret not taking your chances, so don’t just sit down and things would work out. Put in the work and reap your fruits.

6. Plan rewards. It is easy to be soaked up in the work and ticking things off our lists, that we even forget when we’ve achieved so much and we need to reward ourselves. Don’t get stuck in the cycle, by just working and working without resting and rewarding yourself.

Finally, as we move gradually into the new year, remember that you’re awesome and you can achieve everything you put your heart to.

With love,