Meet The Mules.

We don’t mean ‘moles’ as the skin issue or the animal; we mean mules, the footwear.

Mules are shoes that slide onto the foot, and do not cover the heel or the back of the foot at all. They are not considered as formal shoes unless they have a heel.

But a mule isn’t a slide, as most slides have open toes which mules don’t have. Read more about their differences here.

Mules are also not clogs; clogs have platform soles with lower heels and mules are higher heeled shoes with no platform base.

Most people wear mules with loose dresses and for casual events and activities. You can wear them with jean skirts/trousers with t-shirts; they can also be worn for business casual events.

There are lots of shoe brands with awesome mule designs like Gucci, Everlane, LOQ, amongst others. Check them out here.

K.Aspen is not left out on this list, we have mules made from all round genuine leather and the best part is they are available in different colors.

So let me introduce you to the Mules family.

The first Mule on our list is neatly finished and in a rich color Brown.

The next K.Aspen Dalia Mule is in the color Burgundy .

Our next Dalia Mule is in the color Nude. Made with all round genuine Beige leather.

The last but definitely not the least is in the color Black .

Which of these K.Aspen Dalia Mule is your favorite? Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter as you get 5% off your first order, and can finally add a Mule to your shoe collection.

Have a great weekend.