Ankara is a type of fabric, common to the African part of the world. Most Ankara fabrics are colorful, bring and eye-catching; not withstanding, we have the one with full colors that are uninspiring which most people use for more solemn events.

This fabric is commonly used to make outfits for both the male and female folk, just like every other type of fabric; but a unique feature of the Ankara fabric is embedded in fact that it can be used for any type of accessory, ranging from earrings, neck pieces, even footwear.

Unlike the normal trend of having Ankara-print footwear in common prints that we can all find anywhere in the market, we choose distinct and uncommon patterns.

Today, we’re doing something special. We want you to officially meet the Ronke family!

Ronke is one of our favorite creations; they are made from coloured Ankara, with matching stripes. They have sling back with calf leather insoles.

The Ronkes can be worn for semi-formal and casual events on appropriate outfits. We have Ronke in green, Ronke in red and the mismatched pair.

Which of the Ronkes is your favorite?

Welcome to the penultimate month of the year!