Secret to Having a Long Lasting Footwear

One of the secrets of maintaining your footwear is to alternate them. We all have the habit of wearing our favorite footwear regularly (lol..I’m sure you’re guilty of this!)

A useful tip to avoid this, is to constantly alternate your footwear by picking your outfit based on a particular footwear. So let me break this down.

When picking what to wear, follow these steps:

  1. Pick your shoes first.
  2. Look for complementary accessories that can be paired with the shoes (bag, ties, belt, wristwatch e.t.c.).
  3. The last step is to pick an outfit that complements all items in steps 1 and 2.

Do this regularly and you’ll see a change in the lifespan of all your shoes and you also get the value for your money on all your accessories!
Kaspen Men

(PS: This tip is also useful for accessories such as bags, belts, wrist watches)