From last week, we started our post on how to stay motivated and were going to finish it up today.

Like we said last week, life can be really exhausting and distracting, but how can we keep our heads high despite stress and sometimes, confusion.

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Let’s get started.

6. Get Organized.

We should always take time to sit down and get our minds organized, especially when we’re involve in big projects that use up our energy and clutter our minds.

So, instead of over-stimulating your mind, sit down and make your to-do list and actual list; schedule your activities and achieve your goals without losing motivation and drive.

7. Keep The Big Picture In Mind.

We would be lying if we said we wouldn’t forget why we started what we’re involved in. As we’ve stated earlier, life can get so overwhelming that we forget why we started in the first place.

The key to keep moving and striving is to keep your end goal at the top of your mind. So that whenever difficulties or distractions surface, you won’t waver.

8. Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control.

One thing we believe everyone should take from this post is this, ‘take control of only what you can and don’t be bothered about what you can’t control.’

Don’t get paralyzed by ‘what if’s’, do your best and leave the rest.

9. Seek Out Positive Positivity.

It can be really tedious keeping up positivity, or staying happy and motivated when life keeps throwing daggers at us; but we should try to keep our minds uplifted and motivated by listening and filling our minds with positive messages.

10. Remind Yourself Why You Set The Goal.

When you start feeling overwhelmed, sit down and take a few moments to walk down memory lane. Remind yourself of why you started and why you were so enthusiastic at the beginning. Use your end goal to fuel your mind.

11. Be Consistent.

Finally, to stay motivated means to remain active at all times or most of the time. Being consistent keeps our minds exercised and our works keep advancing.

Being consistent means that even when the creative juices have run dry, you can still squeeze out a little to move closer to your end goal.

Staying motivated is an achievable goal, it is simply not forgetting why you started; not chewing up too much and aiming at achieving your goals no matter what.

Most importantly, you can do it!

Have a great week,