Sustaining motivation can be tough under the best of circumstances. So how can you stay motivated despite having so much on your to-do list?

Achieving our goals is seldom easy. It’s why knowing how to stay motivated is so incredibly important when it comes to getting what we want in the long term. And in a world with more distractions than ever before — from non-stop web access to constant texting — it can be all the harder to stay focused and productive and not just give in to what’s easier in the moment.

If you’re looking for ways to help yourself achieve your goals, here are 11 tips that should help.

1. Don’t Assume Money Will Motivate You.

Many people think money alone will be enough to motivate them, and whilst that may do so initially, it’s very hard to sustain financial motivation if the work you are doing actually drags. If you do that type of work for long enough you will find that no amount of money is worth swapping parts of your life in activities that aren’t aligned with who you are and what truly is your passion and mission in life. So first things first, be true to yourself when it comes to setting goals!

2. Make Sure They’re Your Goals.

One of the biggest challenges in staying motivated and sticking to our goals is in making sure that the goals we have set are really ours and that is what we want to attain. Sometimes we set goals based on what we think we ‘should’ do. Or we base them on what other people say.

Make sure you’re going after something that you want and that makes you happy — it can make all the difference.

3. Visualize The Results.

It’s important to visualize the end result and what it will feel like when you’ve achieved your end goal. This means visualizing the sweat on your back, the feeling of relief, the utter excitement — this is what will fuel you on days when you don’t feel like working.

4. Break The Goal Down Into Smaller Pieces.

A Forbes compilation piece recommended breaking your goals down into smaller, more task-oriented goals — and set target deadline for those tasks. This method can make even the biggest task feel more manageable.

5. Tap Into Other People’s Energy.

In a piece for Inc, small business advisor Marla Tabaka stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with positive thinkers who emanate positive energy. Have people in your life who can engage in stimulating conversation about business or the other things that you’re passionate about. As human beings we give and receive energy and inspiration. Make sure you are receiving as much, or more, than you are handing out.

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