Finding the perfect shoes shouldn’t be tedious if you’re mindful of what you’re buying. Getting great shoes should not be hard but there has been the continuous increase of fake brands who make substandard products that have affected the market.

In the past, if people were buying shoes they just go for the popular brands and they’re sure of buying original and quality products but now, that’s not really the case.

So how do you make sure you buy quality products. These fakers have mastered the art of their illegal work that it is almost very different to differentiate between good and bad.

But, there are ways to check the quality of shoes. And we’re going to give a few steps to making sure you get the best from your money.

The first thing we advise you to do is, buy shoes from known brands. Brands that are know for producing comfortable and quality products. This reduces the chances of getting bad footwear.

The next step of getting quality footwear is checking the soles of the shoes, make sure they are sturdy. This would guarantee your foot from being pierced by sharp objects. Try to avoid shoes with thin bottoms.

Third step, make sure the insole offers adequate foot support. Avoid shoes that won’t hold your feet in place, these shoes are the ones with flat insoles. Avoid them.

Fourth step is looking at the edges and seams, logos and those distinct things which would be able to help you distinguish. Don’t mind if people are staring, it’s your money so get the best.

For shoes with heels, make sure the heel is firmly fixed to the shoes and doesn’t look like it would fall off after 3 times of use. Make sure the heels are well constructed and won’t cause your feet and form of discomfort.

What are some other tips that we missed?