If there is one thing we love about shoes, it is the fact that when they are good, they are comfortable. Comfortable shoes are the way to one’s heart.

Imagine wearing a slippers that is really tight around your toes, or just really uncomfortable when worn for too long. Permit me to say it is close to the pains to hitting one’s legs on a stone.

We just gave you a tip on choosing your footwear, but as you know, Friday’s are for styling and we have 3 footwear’s from K.Aspen to help you with.

The first is the Wine Monk Slide. Red embossed leather upper with gold buckles and burgundy plane leather upper, finished with red embossed leather insole.

This week, we going with a very informal look and that is a black jean with a regular T-shirt, and as our signature accessory – a fantastic pair of shades.

The next on our list is the Thrill in Coral pair. Embossed coral, white and rose gold genuine leather multi-colored pair slip-on with tan brown soft genuine leather insole. This pair is a sight for sore eyes and can be worn to really casual meetings and get-togethers.

We are going with an amazing looking jean skirt, with a body suit, a lovely bag and jewelry which puts the whole look together.

Finally, we have one of our newest pieces, the Male Loafers. Made with extremely soft calf leather, lined with goat skin and finished by the best artisan teams. This beauty is definitely what you can call, one of a kind!

It can be wore for casual and formal occasions; start making your orders.

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Have a great weekend,