You might ask, why is giving so important? There are numerous individuals who do not give to anyone all through their lives but still live really enviable lives.

So why do we making giving seem like a really important thing which we must do? And emphasizing on not expecting gifts back.

One of the reasons for giving is that it is a mood booster. When you give to someone, there’s this inherent satisfactory feeling you get; the knowledge that your are making someone happy is very empowering.

It also strengthens your personal values. For instance, when you give to charity it gives us this feeling of Social and Moral responsibility and in extension reinforce our personal values and gives the feeling of one living a life of high moral standing.

The practice of giving is a strong indication of your love for those around you, in light of this, we have gone out of our way to make a list of products which are all budget-friendly; so you can give to your loved ones this season without fear of going bankrupt, and most importantly, without expecting anything in return.

So here are some gift ideas, ranging from Jewelry to bags, notepads, and clothes.

We would begin with accessories and move on to other products.

First, Zivanora. It is a fashion and fine jewelry line for the modern woman, designed and made in Nigeria.

Their prices are affordable, check their Instagram page for more products and delivery details.

Next, My Velvet Box ng. They sell lovely jewelry for men, women and kids, and are very affordable.

Here are some of their products, but you can visit their Instagram page for more details on prices and delivery.

For bags, we have Ruben Bags. They produce lovely luxury leather handbags, check their website or Instagram page for more details.

For the male folk, we have Detail Africa. They produce premium leather goods, both for men and women. All at great prices and very durable.

Check them on Instagram for more details.

Enjoy your weekend.