When we say don’t give something that will cost you a lot, many people become confused and are not really sure what to even consider as a great gift.

So how do you try to give a ‘crap-free‘ gift? A gift that either doesn’t end up becoming trash or causing trash in the environment, a gift that helps not just one person, or a gift that actually satisfies a need.

Here’s our gift buying guide for giving crap-free Christmas gifts:

First, buy ethical. A gift that would help us get closer to achieving the clean, safe world/ environment we want to be in. Hence getting organic, plastic-free, sustainable products; consider things like waste management and the other things our little actions affect.

Second, buy local. Buy from individuals whose funds actually affects your economy, directly or indirectly. When you buy from a local business, you’re obviously making more than one person happy this Christmas season.

Third, make. This is probably raising so many questions in your mind: what will I make?, I’m not creative enough!, it’s going to be too stressful!

We know, just relax. You can make a simple card with a personalized heartfelt message. You can bake a cake or biscuits, if you know how to. You can make a meal that they person can keep and eat over a period of time. But be careful to keep everything simple.

Fourth , buy secondhand. Not a lot of people would appreciate this but there are some who would. Buy useful things for them, not things that’ll become junk after the holiday season.

Also make sure they’re in good condition, so the whole essence of the gift isn’t watered down.

Lastly, buy less. I think we can simply explain it by saying experience over material goods. Instead of getting them a physical gift, take them out.

To a concert, the museum, to an affordable restaurant, to the cinema, just simply treat them for a day.

You can also be a secret Santa for someone you believe wouldn’t see it coming, like a co-worker or that lonely neighbor who doesn’t seem to have anyone coming around.

Finally, we make life by what we give!

Have a great week.