To round up our series on giving, we have gone out of our way to search for lovely brands which make awesome products which could serve as awesome gifts for family, friends and even strangers.

Like we said before, gifts don’t have to be extravagant but they have to be presentable and useful.

Let’s start with male clothes:

AMA Lagos is a male Bespoke tailoring brand that makes eye catching outfits for the male folk. They make both formal and what we can call traditional wears.

All at affordable prices…

Next, we have Nine to Nine clothings . They focus more on female clothes, all made in Nigeria. Their outfits are practical and fashionable.

Reach out to them on Instagram for more details.

We also have Omo Aduke, they specialize in providing the best kind of Aso-oke materials. They materials are handwoven and handmade, for both the female and male folk.

You can contact them either through Instagram or their website.

We have not forgotten those who love to write and put things down. We have Litt by Ai, a brand that proves handmade stationaries, mostly notepads and journals. All of their products are covered in lovely fabric and this gives it’s unique look.

Contact them on Instagram for more details on the different products and delivery rates.

Till Friday,