This is the final article for our Giving series and like we’ve emphasized in the first, second, third and fourth articles, it is good to give for so many reasons.

The Greater Good Magazine states 5 reasons why giving is good for us.

  • Giving makes us feel happy
  • Giving is good for our health
  • Giving promotes cooperation and social connection
  • Giving evokes gratitude
  • Giving is contagious

These reasons are self explanatory; giving make you feel good, it’s make you a better social being, amongst so many others.

In the two previous posts, we searched for brands which make awesome products that would make good gifts, ranging from accessories to bags and clothes; now we’ll move to footwear and of course K.Aspen is the one for you.

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There’s still time to make your choice and get it in time for the festive season.

We hope you have a December filled with love.