We officially welcome you to the last month of December, which also doubles as the month filled with festivities, parties, eating, amongst other things.

It is easy to get tangled up during these times, spending a lot on parties, concerts, food, and so much more, while forgetting the most important reason for the season…Giving.

Let’s define giving:

Giving is the act of rending help or material goods to another person or in most cases, to ourselves.

Giving is also the transfer of something without the expectation of getting something else in return.

Both definitions hold really strong arguments and pass almost the same message but are different when closely studied.

Giving, to us, is the act of being selfless. It is doing the littlest thing without expecting a favor in return. It is being kind and thoughtful, caring and understanding to those around us.

There are many individuals who love to give but are discouraged because they want to get the most expensive items, and that’s where we get it wrong.

When you want to give, it doesn’t have to be extravagant and overwhelming.

The real import of giving is embedded in the motive, not the amount spent or what one can receive in return.

When you are thinking of getting a gift for someone, ask yourself these questions: Why are you giving? Is it for personal benefits? Am I being genuinely kind? Would this act/gift make me feel better than the other person? Am I expecting the person to do something in return?

Giving should be selfless and filled with good intentions.

What does giving mean to you?