A shoe every woman has to own is a pair of heels.

We have different meanings of ‘Heels‘.

It could mean a pair of shoe that has a raised platform at the end of it; the raised platform could be made from rubber, wood, leather, steel, etc.

It is the back part of the human foot below the ankle. It is also the part of the palm of the hand next to the wrist.

Heels are mostly worn by females but it has been revealed that they were initially designed for men, how the world has evolved!

But we can’t assume that heels should be on cooperate shoes only, we find slippers and sandals with raised platforms and they are also called heels.

When you own a shoe which is raised at the back, it gives it a more put together look. It puts the slippers or sandal on a higher level…if you understand what we mean.

Although we can not overlook the fact that wearing heeled shoes can also cause some level of pain and discomfort, it puts the foot in a seemingly unnatural style. This is why we advise that we shouldn’t wear heels all the time, if we can help it.

Not disputing the above fact, there are benefits to wearing heels and we’re going to state them below.

  • Heels give a taller appearance. If you want to look a bit taller than you are, wearing heels is one of the quickest and easiest fix.
  • Heels have a slimming effect. They elongate your legs and force your back to curve a little bit more than normal; this gives an attractive silhouette.
  • They make you walk better. Heels make you walk in a more feminine and put together manner. Your feet adapt too and make you walk more confidently.
  • Exercises your leg muscles. Your calves tighten and then the fat reduces and the muscle become firmer. Like going to the gym for leg exercises but doing it in a less tedious way.
  • Heels make you look powerful. If nobody would point that out, we will. Like we said before, they make you look more put together and in control of everything that is going on around you. Having your mind, body and surroundings under check.

Here at K.Aspen, we have heels that are not only comfortable but they are in unique, beautiful and bright colors.

First, we have the Blush Heat. They are Blush and Red heels, with gold square signature logo and soft cushion insole. The heel height is 100mm.

Next, we have the newest addition to our family Lady Noire. Lady Noire is detailed with the use of a black silk mesh, a black leather linen sub-leveled by a cushion sole, a black elastic band with ‘Noire’ printed in silver and finished with comfortable leather soles. The heel height is 80mm.

Next Friday, we would continue with the remaining pairs.

For now, do enjoy your weekend.