With just a few days to the end of 2019, we need to start putting down our plans and hopes for the new year.

Many have started making the resolutions and putting time frames to these resolutions. But like we emphasized in our last Monday post, it is not enough to make plans, you need to put in the work and be strategic about it.

To truely make the best of the new year, there are so many tips to put in mind when trying to carry out your plans.

Here are a few of them:

Focus on one resolution. If you try to change everything all at once, there’s a high chance of not changing anything at all. Think of the most important thing and start with that.

Plan ahead. Don’t write your list on the last day of 2019, there’s the possibility that you’ll be writing out of pure sentiment. Think deeply about every area of your life and how you would love it to be at the end of the coming year.

Take baby steps. You need to crawl before you walk, you have to walk before you can run, and before flying you need to perfecting your running stance. Take things easy.

Do a 21 days challenge. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, therefore if you want to change the way you act, carry out tasks or anything, you need to make it to the 21st day of January.

Set consequences. There should be ultimatums for everything. If you don’t do this, that happens. It serves as a system with checks and balance.

Create a reward system. Once there’s a punishment system, there should also be a reward system. Reward yourself when you tick stuff off your list.

Don’t get burnt out. All work and no play, burns Tola out. Learn to rest, learn to live. Don’t just work and work till there’s nothing left of the other parts of your life.

Finally, don’t forget why you made that resolution in the first place. Don’t lose track of visions and missions.

Cheers hto the new year,