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"Fashion has the ability to communicate more than just your style; it showcases your heritage, lifestyle, and personality".

Our founder, Nigerian accessory designer Kemi Juba, recognized the significance of fashion and felt strongly inspired by art and elements of nature, believing both to be extensions of us. We draw motivation from our surroundings, including the diverse community around us, taking it upon ourselves to create fashion that best represents our individuality.

Our creative process is heavily influenced by African tradition, using a refined blend of clean lines, rich textures, and bold and classic colors reminiscent of tradition. Our timeless silhouettes grant you the freedom to embrace your uniqueness and heritage now and forever. 

At K. Aspen, our purpose is to make the pieces you wear indicative of what you value and, most importantly, who you are.


The Journey

The journey began in 2014 when Kemi encountered a woman selling handmade sandals she’d crafted herself.

“Instantly, I was intrigued by her remarkable talent. We had an insightful conversation about the lack of homegrown brands in Nigeria and Africa, as only foreign companies were widespread. To make matters worse, there was little to no regard for Nigerian brands. As we spoke, an idea sparked within me, and I soon decided to launch a footwear brand that would showcase local talents and change how African homegrown brands are perceived.’’

When considering a name for her brand, Kemi looked inward to uncover the things that mattered most to her: nature and her individuality. “K. Aspen” represents a combination of both - her initial and the tall trees she’d always admired; their ubiquity across the globe is indicative of our mission to connect with all individuals with unique stories and styles. Aspen trees also have strong roots and boast vibrant colors, reinforcing our desire to honor our heritage through our values and creations.

The Heritage

Influenced by rich textures and various colour palettes with vivid, earthy tones, our brand reflects Pan African vibrancy. We weave tradition into our products with a contemporary twist, resulting in highly dignified, heirloom-worthy pieces that are unlike anything else.

The Craftsmanship

We’re inspired by skilled artisans who wield their talents with precision and passion. While we primarily work with Nigerian artisans, we also collaborate with international artisans, which allows us to create products that feature a blend of techniques, experiences, and expertise to perfectly match the intricate fabric of your individuality.

We envision cultivating a community composed of confident individuals who thrive and triumph by embracing their most authentic selves.